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Create highly reliable PCS with spirit of craftsmanship

Driven by both market and policy, "Photovoltaic + Energy storage" is rising rapidly in developed markets such as Europe, Australia and other countries. At the same time, the development of distributed industrial and commercial energy storage system appears new opportunities after the “531” new policy in China's domestic photovoltaic market.

In 2019, the cumulative installed capacity of electrochemical energy storage rapidly broke through the "GWH". Electrochemical energy storage is expected to be in a turning year of large-scale application, but also exposed a large number of potential safety hazards. As the "CPU" of the whole energy storage system, the PCS urgently needs high-reliability products to provide a strong heart for the energy storage system.

TSUNESS brings together the core team of the industry's top senior technical engineers, with the support of learning and research from institute and university, covering the core technical capabilities of PCS, BMS, EMS and other industrial chain links. It adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship, strives to build reliable energy storage PCS, and quickly builds a high-reliability image in the industry.

In order to achieve the high reliability design of the product, the core technology team has repeatedly verified the ESS PCS system for many years, and achieved the breakthrough of four key technologies, including safety design, high efficiency design, heat flow simulation design and test verification design.

In the aspect of safety design, based on the latest product safety standards of Europe, Australia and North America, TSUNESS pays great attentions to new standards research, and increases PCS design margin to achieve higher reliability target. At the same time, through cooperating with the Top battery brand supplier to study the thermal runaway characteristics of the battery cell, TSUNESS makes more safety layout at the interactive level of PCS and BMS, manages every hidden danger point by level and level, and formulates a set of safety strategy of early intervention and effective control.

In the aspect of high efficiency design, the new high battery voltage topology is adopted, and the core components are all international first-line brands to achieve higher conversion efficiency of PCS. PCS efficiency parameter at the international leading level provides more power generation income for the owner. High efficiency also means lower energy loss and heat generation, which also means higher reliability guarantee according to the Elenice chemical equation.

At the level of heat flow simulation design, the advanced software of heat flow analysis and design is used to simulate the extreme working conditions to obtain the most severe heat dissipation characteristics. It aims at adopting layered and staggered PCB layout, strengthens the fin design of heat sink and natural chimney effect, obtains the optimal heat dissipation characteristics inside and outside case, realizes the optimal heat flow without fan, and significantly improves the PCS reliability operation.

At the design level of test verification, DFMEA and PFMEA analysis technology of TS16949 are used to analyze the failure mode and effect at the components and system levels, evaluate the risk index, and take countermeasures to significantly reduce high-risk sub projects. In practice, multiple test verification measures are used, such as the U.S. military standard MIL-217F to verify the part stress, HALT accelerated life analysis and test verification, IEC68 series environmental verification, IEC60529 series protection verification, real photovoltaic power station verification and other test verification analysis of more than 100 subprojects, providing theoretical and practical support for higher reliability design.

TSUNESS PCS is at the leading level in the industry in terms of higher reliability. It has compact structure, comprehensive monitoring, simple operation, convenient installation and lower maintenance cost in the later stage. It can provide top-level user experience with economic price to achieve maximum value for users.