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TSUN energy storage inverter cooperates with well-known battery brands

Jointly providing efficient energy storage solutions

The residential energy storage inverter is to store PV electricity or electricity from grid (low consumption period) into the battery. When the mains power fails or during peak hours, the direct current stored in the battery will be transformed into 220V AC for residential appliances.

TSUN energy storage inverter main feature:


Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max power generation.

Wide input voltage operation range.

Reliable and Safe

High efficiency, less maintenance.

High frequency isolation between battery & PV/grid.

Advanced battery management technology for better battery performance.

Easier Operation

Flexible installation site selection due to IP65.

Easy monitoring by mobile phone (APP) & PC (web).


Reactive power capability.

Limits AC output when grid frequency/voltage is too high or too low.

Currently, TSUN energy storage inverter is compatible or in process of compatibility testing with many well-known battery brands.

TSUN provides flexible system configurations according to customer needs, and provides customers with integrated delivery from battery packs, energy storage systems, and overall system integration.

Now Tsun energy storage inverter is already compatible with Pylontech and WECO battery. Dyness, Soluna, VMHSTAR, CUBENERGY is under compatible testing, and has reach cooperation with BYD, RITAR, KOYOE to start compatible testing right after.

In the near future, TSUN plans to continue cooperate with more battery brands ] to enhance the competitiveness of TSUN energy storage inverters and provide end users with better energy storage solutions.