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TSUN Launches New High-efficiency Energy Storage Series

On August 10, the three-day world's most influential PV exhibition SNEC ended successfully in Shanghai. At this event, many new PV products and new technologies were unveiled at the exhibition. TSUN, a professional provider of energy storage solutions, launched a new series of high efficiency energy storage products during this period, which received widespread attention.

TSUN high-efficiency energy storage series products include AC coupled high-efficiency energy storage inverters and hybrid high-efficiency energy storage inverters, which are suitable for high-efficiency batteries. AC coupled high-efficiency energy storage inverters help users transform existing PV power generation systems into energy storage systems. Hybrid high-efficiency energy storage inverters are used in new PV systems to directly store and use energy to provide users with the lowest energy cost.

The high-efficiency energy storage inverter matches the high-efficiency battery to form a high-efficiency energy storage system. The main advantages of this system are: With up to 98% energy conversion efficiency between the inverter and the battery;high peak output of TSUN storage inverter enables more home appliances to work at the same time;and MPPT has a wide range, dual CPU design is adopted in TSUN storage inverter to ensure stable operation with high speed.

In addition, compared with most inverters on the market, TSUN high- efficiency energy storage inverters are smaller in size and lighter in weight. They can be wired directly from the front cover, which is simple to install and flexible to use. TSUN provides a variety of models for users to choose.

TSUN high-efficiency energy storage products are equipped with an intelligent monitoring system to monitor energy usage in real time, and TSUN also provides intelligent management platform to scientifically manage energy usage, to manage the multiple working modes and to achieve Power Export Limitation. At present, TSUN energy storage products have obtained various international certifications in Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. TSUN has widely-deployed after-sales service network to provide customers with professional after-sales service.