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TSUN Easy Solar Kit-Second Generation Video Captions

Easy Solar Kit, a portable PV kit developed by the professional energy storage solution supplier-TSUN, provides convenient and efficient power generation through the combination of PV module and micro inverter.

The Easy Solar Kit is made of four parts: PV module, micro inverter, backplane and pedestal. TSUN micro inverters have a wide range from 300 W to 1600W, fully compatible with mono and poly solar modules. 96.7%, the max. efficiency of TSUN micro inverters, leads each PV module to its maximum power output, and the low DC voltage guarantees home electrical safety.

The Easy Solar Kit synchronizes with the life cycle of PV module. The optional accessories make it more applicable to different installation environments. Moreover, optional intelligent monitoring is recommended.

Foldable and extremely portable, the Easy Solar Kit can be placed in gardens, on flat roofs or even in balconies. The all-in-one design makes it easy to transport, distribute and install. End users can DIY systems all by themselves, saving much time and labor cost.

Pulling the module, the bracket and the base of the kit will form a solid support. The angle of the bracket is adjustable through pre-set scales. Simply placing the module face to sunlight, connecting one end of its integrated cable to the micro inverter, and the other end to the socket, the system will automatically start working. Two kits can be connected through interconnection of micro inverters or the bases.

Easy, convenient and cost effective, is TSUN’s vision to “store the future”. Tsun will be continuously developing new technologies, providing more flexible and economic PV solutions for the benefit of the planet.